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WaveRipperOfficial Learn 3D Animation

I have started to learn 3D animation at CDI college in Montreal. this post will describe all the steps that I need to do, to obtain my diploma.

Let’s start my journey…


Learning To Make a Photo Collage or Montage with PhotoShop

My first session his to begin with Photoshop, learning the basics on how to make a photo collage or montage.

With this procedure, I can manipulate each image individually and combine them on the screen. It was easy for me, thanks to my experience gained on my YouTube channel!! I did a little video to show you what I have learned 🙂 

Image Turn Day in To Night

This project was to find a nice image and create a day to a night scene. With the capacity of Photoshop, you can continually turn a day scene into a night scene.

Need to learn, layer mask, gradient tool, luminosity, blending, color overlay, opacity…Do you like my result?

Create a Magazine Cover

Gun Blazing – Enter The Gungeon

First I pick my topic…for sure I decided to create a gaming magazine. I find a cover image, incorporated graphics and place a thumbnail. Here is my result!

My First 2D Animation

Ball Animation In 2D

This step is to animate the ball using 2D in PhotoShop, learning this for the first time. In Photoshop, I use the timeline frame by frame panel to produce this animation.

I measured the distance between each ball, using different layers of size. Then we put the layers together to animate the scene. It was my first 2D animation ever!!

Pendulum 2D

The same procedure of the 2D ball animation…

Sword Swings Animation

Studying how to draw a different frame with a character and sword image and put them all together for my sword swings animated session!

Basic Walking Animation

This is my first walk using frame by frame in my 3D learning animation course.


Room For Dad

The interesting stuff is coming with my learning! For this project, we use Autodesk Maya, I have to take the measure and draw a plan. After, clean up my design, furnish the room and apply textures. A quick video to give you an idea of my deep work. xD

Ball Bounce Homework

Here’s my ball bouncing homework! Animation is something that takes time to complete, but its a fun activity none the less!

Smash Animation

Hey guys! Here is a little project I am working on in my school! It is still a work in progress though, so I am pretty excited to see the final version on it once I’m done!

Hand Rigging Animation Practice For School! In Maya

This is my hand rigging in Maya that I am practicing at school! Basically, we need to add joints to arm and fingers and keyframe them to make a sick animation. I hope you guys enjoy it!

Full Human Rig Practice (Render) In Maya

Full human rig practice (render) in Maya
Behold my rigging course practice! In this video, you will see what has been accomplished during a whole week of rigging. In the end, it turned out to be alright, but hopefully, it gets better in the future!

London Soldier March Animation Practice

Back at it again with the animations. This time, I had the idea to do a London soldier march for my animation classes. It turned out to be great! Stay tuned for more.

Little Mac Run School Assignment

Welcome to another one of my class animation videos! In this video, I try to animate little mac’s run from super smash bros ultimate. It took quite a while to replicate, but in the end, it turned out to be great!

Minecraft (Steve) Model Rigged Practice

Welcome back to my practices! Here is a model the I’ve imported from Minecraft and rigged on my own! Maybe this will be useful for the future;)?

Starting Using Zbrush Software

Thanos Video

Thanos video using Zbrush software.
New kind of project that I am learning about at school! Yes, it is inside of new software called Zbrush. It is mainly a sculpting software for organic matters. Stay tuned for more upcoming project posts!

Cthulu Project Video

Cthulu project video using Zbrush.
This was a very big project to accomplish because of the sheer amount of detail that I have to put into this character. It still has a long way to go until it’s finished.

Video Character Project Using Zbrush

Hey guys! Today I am practicing my character design skills inside of Zbrush. I am noticing that I am getting a little better every single day. I might bring this into other programs like substance painter to give it a little more life and realism! Thanks for sticking with me, stay tuned for more projects like these!

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